Source: Global News (Extract)
Posted: November 28, 2023

A furry model known as Leo the Divo in Campbellton, N.B., has become the talk of the town after making the cut to be featured in a national pet store calendar.

Brittaney Roy, who owns the two-year-old long-haired orange tabby, can often be spotted pushing the little prince in his kitty stroller around town.

“He is getting slowly used to winter and he likes snowflakes. He is coming around to them,” said Roy, who jokes that being featured in the Pet Valu calendar has gone to her big boy’s head a little.

“I have widened the doors so he can get his head through,” said her father Kevin Roy, who also lives at home with Leo.

Brittaney Roy said that Leo the Divo, which is the male version of a diva, seems perfectly happy being wheeled around in his stroller like a supermodel.

“I would say 100 per cent that the title fits him well,” she said “He does not have to do any of the work; it is all me doing all the work, so I think he likes that the most.”

Roy said Leo beat out more than 40,000 pets from across Canada to get his spread in a 2024 pet calendar.

High-maintenance does not even begin to describe the life of Mr. November.

He gets lifted like royalty from his stroller into his very own cat car seat with his loyal and fellow ginger, Roy, as his personal chauffeur. She even dressed to match her loving pet.

“I fully embrace that I am a crazy cat lady and I am 100 per cent happy with it,” she said.

He goes shopping at his local hangout, being carried on in a cat backpack on the shoulders of his subservient human, only to be hand-fed, not grapes, but tuna tubes by the store manager upon his arrival.

The only Atlantic Canadian fur baby to be chosen as a model this year, Mr. November is soaking in the attention, said Tyler Richard who manages the Pet Valu in Campbellton.

“We are just so happy for them and (Roy) is always out and about with Leo and we really got to know Leo a lot over the last few years.”

Leo’s head may about to get a little bigger too. Richard said they have more plans for photoshoots and promos with Mr. November as the star of the show.