Lions Foundation of Canada Dog Guides

Lions Foundation of Canada Dog Guides and its founding program, Canine Vision Canada, was established in 1983. It’s the largest school of its kind in Canada with its training school in Oakville and breeding facility in Breslau.

To assist Canadians with a medical or physical disability by providing Dog Guides at no cost.

With no government funding, we rely on the support of fundraising events and donations from service clubs, corporations, foundations and individuals.

Lions Foundation of Canada Dog Guides operates under the highest standards.

Lions Foundation of Canada is a founding member of the Canadian Association of Guide & Assistance Dog Schools and an accredited member of International Guide Dog Federation and Assistance Dogs International.

Lions Foundation of Canada is recognized as a member of Imagine Canada’s Standards of Excellence program, a charitable organization that meets the highest standards for accountability and openness in its fundraising practices and policies.

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Upcoming Events

Brought to you by the Lions Foundation of Canada Dog Guides and Hub of the Hammer Event Planning. Nationwide players can compete to benefit an amazing cause. Tickets are $20.00 a player and you have the option of 6:30 pm, 7:30 pm OR 8:30 PM on 22 October 2020 with each game roughly 45 minutes in length.

Calling all Bowling Leagues and those who love to bowl. Lions Foundation of Canada launched Dog Bowl nationally in the fall of 2013 after adopting the project from the Merritton and Garden City Lions Clubs of St. Catharines, Ontario. Through the support and dedication of these clubs, the event has grown and is now taking place in communities across Canada with all proceeds supporting the Canine Vision Dog Guide program at Lions Foundation of Canada. The Lions Foundation of Canada Dog Bowl provides awareness of people who are visually impaired through bowling fundraisers held across Canada. Through a blindfold or specialized glasses that mimic various eye diseases and disorders, each bowler experiences “seeing” and bowling through the eyes of someone who is visually impaired.

If you are interested in learning more or to inquire about hosting this unique event, please contact Katie Gray, Events & Volunteer Coordinator (905) 842-2891 Ext. 226 or Email

Sharing information about important causes goes a long way in spreading awareness of organizations that are making a difference and improving lives. Please support Dog Guides by liking, following and subscribing to their online social platforms and share these links with family, friends and even colleagues. Every engagement matters and boost visibility for them. Thank you!


Dog Guides are trained to assist Canadians with a wide range of disabilities. There are SEVEN programs that prepare dogs to offer their handlers greater independence, mobility and safety.


Provide safety, companionship and love to help children and their families gain more independence and social interaction.


Dogs trained for professional agencies provide comfort to victims or witnesses of a crime or sudden tragedy.


Assist people who are deaf or hard of hearing by providing an increased sense of security through alerting and/or leading handlers to important sounds.


Help create an increased sense of mobility for handlers who are blind or visually impaired.


Recognize and react to the onset of frequent seizures to help their handlers feel secure.


Increase independence of handlers with physical and medical disabilities (open and close doors, retrieve dropped items, etc).


When they detect sudden drops in their handler’s blood sugar, they alert them, retrieve the diabetic kit and food and provide comfort after an episode.

How You Can Help

● Foster a Puppy
● ‘Adopt’ a Puppy
● Sponsor a Dog Guide team
● Corporate Giving
● Become a Corporate Partner
● Host a Fundraiser
● Leave a Legacy
● Memorial Donations

Single or monthly donations accepted.

Single or monthly donations accepted.

For more details, view the HOW TO HELP section on the website.

Dog Guides’ Wish List

Did you know that Dog Guides has a Wish List? Dog Guides Canada is a national charity that receives zero government funding, so they’re always looking for specific items for Dog Guides in training, their clients and for the facilities. If you’d like to donate items to the foundation, please view their wish list.

Canine Vision Dog Guide Program

Martin & Yager – Toronto, Ontario

Canine Vision Dog Guides like Yager are trained to help their handlers navigate daily routes and provide them a safe means of moving about freely in their community and beyond.

Diabetic Alert Dog Guide Program

Brooke and Jade & Nettle –Cambridge, Ontario

Nettle was one of the very first diabetic alert dogs trained in Canada. Her sensitive nose continually saves Brooke and Jade from the potentially life-threatening effects of Type 1 diabetes. The 12-year-old twins are both hypoglycemic-unaware, which means the usual signs of low blood sugar are absent.


Lions Foundation of Canada Dog Guides Volunteers Collaboratively Donated



Provide Love, Socialization
and Basic Training in a Safe,
Nurturing Environment


Walk and Play with Dogs,
Groom Dogs or Assist
Instructors During Training


Host Fundraisers,
Participate in / Organize Events
or Offer Administrative Assistance

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