Source: Business Wire (Extract)
Posted: April 27, 2023

Petcurean, the award-winning manufacturer of premium pet food brands GO! SOLUTIONS®, NOW FRESH® , and SUMMIT™, today announced the donation of 460,000 meals of premium GO! SOLUTIONS® cat food to rescue groups and pet food banks from coast to coast – Haida Gwaii, BC to St. Stephen, NB. The cross-Canada donation is the company’s latest initiative as part of their ongoing efforts to give back purposefully to the communities they serve, including through support of rescues and other community groups caring for cats in need.

“Pets are important members of our families and it is our responsibility to support them when they are in need. We know this need is ongoing – especially for our dogs and cats who have not yet found their forever home – which is why we regularly look for ways to step up,” said Christine Mallier, Petcurean Sustainability and Community Relations Manager. “We are proud to be able to give back to rescue groups in our communities – both in major cities and remote areas – and encourage others to help in any way they can, so that together we can show our love to as many pets as possible.”

Petcurean’s donation comes at a time when an increasing number of animals are taken in by shelters and rescues. In addition, rising inflation and overall cost of living has led to further impacts resulting in pet parents needing additional support.

“While there is always a need to support organizations who provide care for dogs and cats, a series of circumstances have created even greater challenges than before the pandemic,” said Elizabeth Pierce of Westies in Need, a volunteer rescue group in Ontario and Quebec. “This donation could not have come at a better time as the cat rescues we work with are struggling with an increasing number of cat colonies. Together, with Petcurean, we’re able to make a difference in helping these animals.”

At 460,000 meals, this is also Petcurean’s largest ever cat food donation. The GO! SOLUTIONS® cat food is being shipped on 110 pallets to 89 organizations across Canada. In addition, Petcurean’s donation also coincides with National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day on April 30, 2023 and leads into National Pet Month in May. Given the timing, Petcurean is taking the opportunity to remind people to support their local animal rescues through several ways, including donations, volunteer work, or providing a forever home to an animal in need, if they are responsibly able to do so.

“We maximize every donation that we receive so that nothing is wasted and we can support as many animals as possible,” said Nicole Frey, founder of the Animal Food Bank Foundation, a pet food bank that operates within and across provincial borders based on the need for resources. “Cat food is more valuable than gold to us – and every donation makes an impact. By helping organizations like ours, we can act as a conduit to help so many others who are in need. Our research shows that our services have prevented 56% of our pet food bank users from having to rehome their pet – and that is a critical part of the solution.”

Petcurean is dedicated to providing year-round support to the communities they serve both locally and around the world, including through donations and partnerships with organizations who share Petcurean’s commitment to giving dogs and cats happier, healthier, and longer lives. Over the last 24 years, Petcurean has donated more than 5.4 million meals of dog and cat food, supporting over 2,000 rescues, shelters and community groups across Canada, USA, Europe and Asia.

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