Source: Huffpost (Extract)
Posted: May 8, 2021

Chevy, an American bulldog, is sitting pretty after being saved from a scary situation on a hike.

A dog in Canada learned the hard way not to go chasing waterfalls after she wound up trapped on a cliff and had to be rescued by a firefighter and a Mountie.

Chevy, a 7-year-old American bulldog who weighs about 80 pounds, found herself in a “precarious position” during a hike, British Columbia Royal Canadian Mountain Police spokesperson Cpl. Jesse O’Donaghey said in a statement.

Chevy’s owner, Margot Wikjord, was hiking with her dog and a couple of friends near Mimi Falls in British Columbia’s Logan Lake area late last month.

“When you get there there’s a lot of sheer rocks,” she told CTV News Vancouver. Chevy had managed to get around a barricade and wound up on a small ledge that overlooked a 98-foot canyon above the waterfall.

Chevy was unable to get back up the steep rocks on her own. A helpful bystander headed out to an area where they could get cell service and called for help, while Wikjord stayed with her beloved dog and tried to keep Chevy calm.

“I sat on the edge, kind of on the rock, and talked to her,” she said.

The situation was becoming more dangerous, with the ledge “slowly crumbling as Chevy moved around on it,” O’Donaghey told CBC.

A Logan Lake RCMP officer and the local fire chief were ultimately able to use climbing and rappelling gear to carry out what the RCMP called a “rare and risky canine rescue” to bring the dog back to safety.

Wikjord told CTV that Chevy was “very happy” after her rescue, while she herself commemorated the ordeal with a “stiff drink.”

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