Source: TB News Watch (Extract)
Posted: July 12, 2021

Michael Yellowlees has reunited with his cherished companion Luna.

The Scotsman lost his dog on July 2 in dense forest near Namakan Lake, on the Canada-U.S. border east of Fort Frances.

The pair has been trekking eastward across Canada since March to raise funds for Trees for Life, a charity that aims to revitalize the forest in the Scottish highlands.

They were en route to Thunder Bay by canoe when Luna ran into the bush during a portage.

Since she was wearing a leash, Yellowlees feared she might have become stuck somewhere in the thick vegetation.

On Friday, while he was in the bush continuing the search, Luna made her way back to the cabin he had been staying in since her disappearance a week earlier.

According to a post on the fundraiser’s Facebook page, Yellowlees “returned from the wilds to finally be able to hug and welcome his sweet canine companion back, with joy and relief.”

The dog had lost weight but was otherwise in good shape.

On the weekend, the pair returned to Fort Frances, where Luna was to be checked by a vet.

A friend is expressing gratitude to the many individuals who offered assistance during the search.

A GoFundMe campaign to help pay for it had a goal of $2,500, but reached nearly $9,000 by the time Luna turned up.

Organizers say the money will be directed to the Scottish highlands rewilding campaign. 

Yellowlees and Luna are expected to resume their journey toward Thunder Bay shortly.

He hopes to complete the trip on the east coast by late fall.