Source: Oakville News (Extract)
Posted: July 29, 2023

As Oakville News had reported earlier, a group of seniors at Kensington Retirement Residence decided to help Lions Foundation for Canada Guide Dogs, and the idea of a lemonade stand was hatched.

On the very hot Wednesday, July 26, several seniors, along with some furry friends, set out to raise some much-needed cash. Well, they were successful. The group of seniors was able to donate $320.00 while engaging with the community.

About the Lions Foundation of Canada Dog Guides

The Lions Foundation of Canada Dog Guides is a non-profit organization that provides trained service dogs to Canadians with disabilities. The foundation was established in 1983 and since then, it has been dedicated to enriching the lives of individuals with disabilities by providing them with highly trained dog guides at no cost.

The organization offers a variety of dog guide programs, including:

  1. Canine Vision
  2. Hearing Ear
  3. Service
  4. Seizure Response
  5. Autism Assistance

The Lions Foundation of Canada Dog Guides relies on donations from individuals, corporations, and service clubs to cover the cost of breeding, training, and providing ongoing support for the dog guide teams. They also work closely with qualified applicants to match them with the most suitable dog guide for their specific needs.

By offering these highly trained dog guides free of charge, the Lions Foundation of Canada aims to enhance the quality of life and promote independence for individuals with disabilities across the country.