Source: Dogster (Extract)
Posted: March 27, 2024

One of the things we love most about cats is they keep us guessing. With over 300 facial expressions, there’s often no telling what’s going on in their noggins. And one of the best things about cats like Marmalade is we expect lots of ginger cat chaos. Cats, in general, are often extremely weird and keep us laughing.

For a family in Canada, life is seldomly boring with their adopted fluffy cat, Taco. This cat’s weird daily antics are the norm, and that’s wonderful!

Taco Has Always Been a Little Weird

Taco was born to a semi-feral mama cat and was lucky to find a wonderful foster home on Vancouver Island. As soon as she was adopted through the Cat Nap Society, there were already signs she was a little different (in the best way).

Before long, Taco started showing some signs of being super silly.

Full Blown Weirdness

As Taco grew, she became the most stunning beauty with the fluffiest tail you’ve ever seen. But while looking like a refined princess, her antics are often delightfully strange.

One of her favorite spots to get the zoomies is in front of the fireplace. Who knows what’s going on in her mind as she looks for something invisible under the second-story floorboards?

Zoomies That Go On Forever

Taco’s behavior is so odd that some thought maybe she had signs of ‘twitchy cat syndrome,‘ or Feline Hyperesthesia (FHS). It’s when cats have discomfort from a sensitive skin condition and can suddenly act erratically. But no, like Marmalade, Taco is just being her naturally goofy self.

When Taco isn’t acting silly in front of the fireplace, she’s the sweetest cuddle-bug with her adoring family. They love her just the way she is and wouldn’t want it any other way.

Here’s the fluffy princess when it’s time for her favorite Churu treat. Once again, she doesn’t do things like other cats, standing more like a meerkat on her hind legs.

One of the best parts of life with a pet like Taco is you can always count on weird antics. And that’s part of why we love them so much! Her playful kitten “crab walk” has continued into adulthood, which is considered fairly rare or at least prized among cat lovers. It might be weird but we always want more!