Cat Breeds that Come from Canada Part 1: The Sphynx

Yellow eyed sphynx cat

A handful of special – not to mention beautiful – cat breeds originate from Canada. The famous Sphynx is one of them. Here’s an overview of this fascinating, medium-sized breed.


The intriguing Sphynx breed is almost or completely hairless, wonderfully wrinkled and surprisingly pot-bellied. Some feature fine hairs on their ears, face, feet and tail. When it comes to the whiskers, sphynxes either have them (whole or broken) or they don’t. A narrow, long head and webbed feet are two other distinctive features.


In 1966, one hairless kitten was born. His name was Prune. In a nutshell, the breed originates from female descendants of Prune that were bred with the Devon Rex breed, also nearly hairless, as well as American Shorthair cats. Two hairless female kittens (Dermis and Epidermis) born in Minnesota USA also played a role in establishing the breed. In 1979, the breed was recognized by the International Cat Association (TICA).


Sphynxes love attention and are known and loved for their friendly, energetic and outgoing personalities.


Not everyone knows this, but sphynxes actually need regular baths as their oily skin and sweat cause dirt to accumulate. Owners also need to make sure their kitties are warm enough and that they don’t get sunburnt. Cosy spots, sweaters and blankets are must-haves. Owners should also clean their teeth, eyes and ears as often as necessary. 


While Sphynxes are generally quite healthy cats, breed-specific issues do exist.

  • Sensitive digestive systems
  • Respiratory issues in kittens
  • Hereditary myopathy (muscle disease)
  • Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM), a common form of heart disease in cats

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