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Lions Foundation of Canada Dog Guides and its founding program, Canine Vision Canada, was established in 1983. It’s the largest school of its kind in Canada with its training school in Oakville and breeding facility in Breslau.


Cool Cat Cafés Around the World

Check out these cool cat cafés found in some significant cities around the world.

But First: What is a Cat Café?

The café part is pretty obvious: a place that serves beverages and perhaps light meals. People go to regular cafés to catch up with a loved one, meet someone new for the first time, read a book or to get some work done. Add ‘cat’ to the equation and you have a different type of café where furry companions await to keep you company. So, in a nutshell, cat cafés (also known as themed cafés) are places where you can be around or interact with cats.

Good to Know: You can’t just open a cat café. They need to be properly regulated.


Cat Flower Garden, the world’s first cat café, opened its doors in Taipei, Taiwan in 1998 after which the concept really blossomed in Japan.

Cat Cafés Around the World

  • United States Cat Café, Los Angeles
  • United Kingdom Cat Café, Liverpool
  • South Africa Cat Heaven Rescue Cat Café, Somerset West
  • Spain Cat Café, Barcelona
  • Czech Republic Cat Café, Prague
  • Poland Miau Café, Warsaw
  • Hungary Cat Café, Budapest
  • Ukraine Cat Cafe, Lviv
  • Thailand Neko Cat Cafe, Phuket
  • Japan Cat Café Takeshita Street, Tokyo
  • Australia Catmosphere Café, Sydney
  • New Zealand Barista Cats Café and The Cat Lounge, Auckland

Cat Cafés in Canada

There’s no doubt about it: Canadians love cats. So, it’s no surprise that cat cafés have popped up here as well!

  1. Café Félin Ma Langue Aux Chats, Quebec City – North America’s first cat café which opened in 2014. 
  2. Le Café Des Chats, Montreal
  3. Siberian Cat Café, Chelsea
  4. Café Venosa, Montreal
  5. Catfe, Vancouver
  6. TOT the Cat Café, Toronto
  7. Miss J.La’s Fur Babies Cat Cafe and Adoption Centre, Winnipeg
  8. Pop-up Cat Café, Edmonton

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