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Lions Foundation of Canada Dog Guides and its founding program, Canine Vision Canada, was established in 1983. It’s the largest school of its kind in Canada with its training school in Oakville and breeding facility in Breslau.



That cats don’t enjoy a water drenching can cause anxiety for pet owners when Kitty needs a bath.

This means finding the safest and least painful way of taking on this chore. A bit of forethought and learning from experts will save you and your pet from any easily avoidable stress attacks.

Most owners understand that it’s seldom necessary to bathe a cat, but sometimes the Beloved is unable to self-groom, has matted hair, or has rolled in something that unavoidably requires a deep cleanse. Remember though, just as there are circumstances when you should venture to bathe your cat there are also times when you shouldn’t. If their normally glossy coat is dull, or they’ve simply been out on cat business in muddy conditions (unless exceptionally dirty), are healthy, are shedding, have dandruff, or only have grubby paws you should think twice. Then, to rid Dearest of undesirable smudges, a gentle cleaning demands no more than a slightly wetted cloth and also encourages self-grooming.

If more is required, it’s wise to choose suitable cleaning materials recommended by professionals and use the correct bathing technique. Heavy-handed cleaning can cause mighty resistance, so be sure to wear gloves and protective clothing to avoid scratches and bites. Calmness and a light touch will ease the process since a cat has more senses than lives and will notice any anxiety or lack of confidence. Make sure to be extra considerate when wiping around the face and also when towelling down to minimise the chances of injury to either pet or owner.

Ensuring that your furry friend does not become a furious friend is critical for your pet’s happiness and prevents you both from developing ablution phobia, so bathe your cat correctly and only when essential. Cats are among the most hygienic of four-footed housemates and have evolved to do most of the needed cleaning on their own.

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