Controlling Pet Hair


Many pet owners have to deal with fur on their clothing, couches and floors.

Here are some tips that could help with the fur-stration.


  1. Brushing thoroughly twice a week or quickly every day makes a huge difference. It also counts a little towards bonding time.
  2. Protect furniture with washable slipcovers or old sheets and wash them regularly.
  3. Cost-effective, washable throw rugs can be strategically placed to catch a lot of excess hair.
  4. A dog sweater or t-shirt, worn for short periods, can help reduce shedding in between grooming sessions and bathing.


  • Tape rollers
  • Shedding rakes
  • Classic lint rollers
  • Electrostatic cloths
  • Specific vacuum cleaners (some even have special attachments for dog hair)


How to Deal with Hair in the House

  • Clean air filters frequently

  • Wash bedding at least once a week

  • If you’re renovating, choose hardwood or tile over carpet. You can even choose a colour that will make the presence of hair less obvious

  • Use a rubber broom before you vacuum

  • Use a damp mop on tiles

How to Deal with Hair on Furniture

  • Wipe hairy areas while wearing a rubber glove

  • Catch hair with a dry sponge (a damp sponge may work even better)

  • Cover furniture with slipcovers or blankets and wash them weekly

  • A damp, microfiber cloth also works

  • Put a velcro-type lint brush to use

How to Deal with Hair on Clothing

  • Dry sponge
  • Lint brushes
  • Rubber glove
  • Duct tape or packaging tape
  • Damp sponge or damp cloth
  • Don’t leave your clothes out
  • Get the right brush for your dog’s hair coat
  • Hair roller (one for home and one for the car)
  • Quality shampoo and proper rinsing may reduce shedding
  • Brush and groom regularly (ask your veterinary or pet store for advice on products)
  • Quality food, proper nutrition and vitamin supplements may reduce shedding
  • If it’s affordable and convenient, consider investing in housecleaning services twice a week
  • You may want to make wardrobe changes that minimize hair issues (e.g. wearing more silks and satins; not wearing white if your pet has black hair; etc.)

To deal with hair in the car, refer to the furniture and clothing tips.

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