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Being a pet owner is really rewarding, but it’s hard work as well. After all, we are responsible for our pets’ health, happiness and safety. Part of this is taking extra special care of our pets during the holidays which may involve protecting our pets from snakes.

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So: How can you protect your curious pets and what should you do if something happens? Let’s take a look.

Preventative Measures: Reducing Risks

  • When hiking, stay on the trail
  • Stay away from grassy and rocky areas
  • When in high risk areas, keep your dog on a (short) leash
  • Teach your dogs to come when you call them (recall) and keep practising and rewarding
  • Keep your garden and outdoor areas neat and tidy: mow the lawn, clear undergrowth, fill holes, keep rodents away, take away uneaten pet food, don’t leave tools and toys out, etc.
  • Don’t allow your pets to play with dead snakes
  • If possible and reasonable, keep pets indoors

Reactive Measures: Dealing with Exposure

If your pet has suffered a snake bite, or if you suspect it, take him or her to the vet immediately AND KEEP YOUR PET AS STILL AS POSSIBLE.

TIP: If you can safely identify the snake, for example by taking a picture, do so. Otherwise, just try to memorize features. DON’T TRY TO CATCH IT OR KILL IT.

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