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Top Interactive Toys for Bored Dogs

A bored dog can become unhappy, destructive or anxious. Interactive dog toys could be the solution, or at least part of the solution.

These types of dog toys (also called enrichment dog toys) are fun distractions while you’re away. Interactive toys can be mentally rewarding; provide gratification in the form of treats; and boost activity levels. With different purposes, challenges and features, these toys are bound to get and hopefully keep your dog’s attention.


  • Dog toys with interesting textures (durable toys may work best).
  • Dog toys that make treats appear: the ‘solve the puzzle’ or ‘roll me’ variety.
  • Dog toys that move in unexpected ways: rolls, bounces and dangles on its own.
  • Dog toys that make weird sounds: it ‘talks’, crackles, squeaks or makes a crinkling sound.


  • A treat dispenser remains one of the top interactive toys.
  • To challenge dogs and keep them busy, indestructible toys are recommended.
  • Appeal to your dog’s senses with toys that are interesting to touch and hearing.
  • For skill and memory development, puzzles work well, especially when combined with treats.

It’s not likely that one toy can meet all the needs of a dog. Some toys are for playing and learning; others for chewing and finding treats. Some toys may have multiple functions, but your dog may not be interested in all of them. Many toys are simply fun to carry around, pull, toss or sleep with.

Eventually (often when toys are not interactive) dogs can get bored of them. Try to choose one or two interactive toys you think your dog might like and watch your dog’s response. If both work, that’s great. Don’t introduce more toys until they need replacement.


Toys should be safe in terms of size, materials and origin. Research dog toy brands and also ask your vet for recommendations. Brands that specialize in producing quality dog toys can usually be trusted to use safe materials. Still, always check the labels and ask around if you’re not sure.


Some toys have multiple functions and features. Imagine giving your dog a toy that has an interesting and eye-catching shape, with the ability to bounce AND dispense treats.

Dog puzzles teach dogs to ‘work’ a little for their treats. In a nutshell these are ‘seek’ and ‘snack’ toys, but they have to figure out a few things first. This keeps them engaged and motivated. If you can adjust the level of difficulty, even better. In terms of maintenance, think about the toy’s material. Plastic is easy to clean, but wood and rubber are more durable.

Combine a rope and a ball and you’re bound to have a fun, (usually) durable solution. This type of toy can be played with, easily carried around and chewed for hours. It’s especially great for puppies since it won’t roll too far out of reach. Each angle and the dangling bits are begging to be explored.

If you’re looking for some of the top toys in terms of durability, you won’t shop around for long. Some of these toys bounce unpredictably, some can dispense treats and others can do both. These toys are popular because they last and can provide either instant gratification or hours of interest. The type and quantity of treats and snacks you insert matter. To take it to the next level, freeze the toy.

There are toys that can reduce destructive chewing by offering a more enjoyable chewing experience. These toys may need to be replaced, but are worth the investment.

Noise may be a concern, especially if you work from home or have a baby that needs sleep. Whatever the reason, look for interactive toys that are popular and effective, without the noise component. These toys are softer, that is, less durable, so not recommended for chewing champs.

Some interactive dog toys can ‘talk’. These toys, with ‘voices’ and possibly lights, are not the most durable (mild chewers should be fine), but they’re definitely fun. Nibbling and rolling these types of toys should keep your dog’s attention for a while.


Some interactive dog toys are great for outdoor areas; others work best on tile and hardwood flooring. Playing on carpeted flooring is probably quite comfortable for dogs, but may not please the owners.

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