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Lions Foundation of Canada Dog Guides and its founding program, Canine Vision Canada, was established in 1983. It’s the largest school of its kind in Canada with its training school in Oakville and breeding facility in Breslau.


The Many Jobs of Cats

Cats have many interesting jobs. Here are a few of our favourites:

Theory of Gravity Tester

Apparently, it’s important to knock things off counters and tables every now and then. Is it instinct, curiosity, boredom or insolence? Who knows, but it’s a job many cats have.

Fresh Laundry Protector

Many cats excel at protecting fresh laundry. After all, who wouldn’t want to take care of clean, warm, fluffy clothes… especially when distributed in neat stacks.

Warmer of Laps and Beds

Cats can be effective, eco-friendly heaters, a role that is especially valued in winter.


Cats are creative and have their own thoughts on where things should go or whether something requires a bit of shredding…

Box Inspector

Boxes obviously need to be inspected and cats know how to get the job done.


Some cats are natural exterminators.

Restroom Attendant

Cats tend to find bathrooms and their contents interesting. Why wouldn’t they follow you there and keep you company?

Natural Healer

Many humans find their cats’ cuddles and purrs helpful when they’re sick or stressed. In fact, it has been said that cats’ purrs vibrate at a frequency that promotes healing.


As far as we know, a cat will never share your secrets. At least not with other humans.


For many owners, cats are like their children. So, sometimes a cat’s job is just to allow nurturing.


If the internet has proven one thing, it is that cats can be very amusing.

Master Masseuse

Who doesn’t like a little gentle kneading from their feline friend?


Don’t try to hide it. You know what you did to deserve that stare.

Alarm Clock

Why set an alarm when you have a cat that loves waking you up?

Office Supervisor

These cats are especially drawn to computers.


Most cats excel at studying birds.

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